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o        SimSlosh is a software tool for investigating the liquid sloshing inside containers.

o        SimSlosh can be used to design new containers and/or to investigate the effectiveness of various tanks and baffle designs under different conditions.

o        SimSlosh delivers information such as:

Æ  click for animationA complete 3D image of liquid movement inside the tanker,

Æ  Forces and torques applied to the wall of the container,

Æ  Pressure distribution on the walls, momentum change, and total kinetic energy to investigate the noise generation.

o        Modeling liquid sloshing can:

Æ  Reduce production costs,

Æ  Simplify design with less Slosh control devices,

Æ  Shorten development time.

SimSlosh Advantages

Æ  Simslodh Software is very user friendly

Æ  It is designed only to simulate the sloshing inside a fuel tank, so the data entry is very easy and minimal;

Æ  There is no need for extensive knowledge for CFD to run the code. Other software products like CFX and Fluent are multipurpose software. For this reason their usage is not easy and simulations may also take longer.

Æ  The output results in SimSlosh can be customized based on the customer request.

Æ  In our planning for next upgrade we are going to bundle the software with a mechanical module and a noise prediction module, such that the generated slosh noise in the fuel tanks can be easily predicted for each fuel tank design and material.



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